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Pratima and I worked together over a period of a few months. She helped me to set out clear objectives from the start - these objectives were like a thread which pulled the work forward. We monitored my progress throughout, and I felt supported in meeting my goals with compassion and understanding. Through her patience and by allowing every aspect of my character to come forward, Pratima taught me to listen to my body and I learned to be more understanding of myself - a gift of immeasurable value. 

I would add that, with her knowledge of the Indian holistic medicine (Ayurveda), and Yoga Nidra, Pratima is uniquely placed to offer insights into the way the body might heal itself, in a way that is very practical and effective. Ailments, which we might think are impossible to treat without medical intervention and drugs, are in fact symptoms of imbalances which she can help to harmonise. For me, this worked very well. Indeed, I believe that if it was not for her help I would not have achieved half of what I have done since our work together. 

At the time of meeting I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my personal and professional life - the stress caused severe disruptions in my cycle. By the time our work was finished my cycle was normal, soon after I had found my life partner and my work situation is now greatly improved - no doubt due to a shift in me thanks to the work that I put in, with the help of a knowledgeable, kind and proficient practitioner in Pratima.  

Anna Chilton

Head of Marketing and Sustainability, London

Several months after my breast cancer diagnosis and a mastectomy, I searched for the right person to help me heal and was very fortunate to find Pratima. Pratima truly embodies all the qualities of an exceptionally gifted Coach and Therapist.


Inwardly at the time I felt quite vulnerable but in Pratima’s presence I immediately felt comfortable, safe and understood. With genuine compassion and kindness Pratima offered in-depth knowledge, insight and simple but effective practices to help heal my body, mind and spirit. Pratima listened deeply and through her unwavering and grounded support, I experienced a sense of true acceptance and love for myself as a whole person, despite the changes in my body. Pratima was very hands on in her approach and at the same time held out a larger vision of what it means to be a healthy and whole woman.


I will be forever grateful to Pratima for helping me restore my true self and transform my fears into womanly power that goes well beyond physical appearance. And all this happened an ocean away…from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Elizabeth Shein

Therapist, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada


Pratima’s 3 Month Confidence Breakthrough Coaching system is a breath of fresh air to the normal staid and rigid aspects to coaching. Not only did she hold my hand through the twelve weeks, but she kicked my butt too when needed. She gave the softly softly approach but dished out tough love too. It was because of her unique and distinctive style, I was able to make breakthroughs in my mindset (around my health and wellness goals), my behaviours, my way of exercising , eating and dealing with stress. Through the twelve weeks, she was there to support and nurture me. I never felt abandoned or brushed off. By following the coaching protocols, I was able to reduce my weight by 16 pounds, reduce my stress, blood pressure and blood sugar level. I feel revitalised and am now embarking on my next 3 months of Confidence Breakthrough Coaching!

Thank you Pratima, you’ve changed my life!!!!

Binita P

Copy Writer, London

My coaching sessions with Pratima were absolutely profound on many levels. I'm so grateful for the deeply spiritual experience we shared together. Pratima is such a divine soul who understands each women individually and touches some of the 'difficult' parts in human emotions. She prepares and ends sessions with beautiful meditations to set the journey of sisterhood. Her knowledge of spirituality moved me to a new level of vibration and helped me feel 'elevated'. I feel blessed to know Pratima on my path of discovering myself.

I once again thank this wonderful and divine being to give her time to me.

Ritu Wagav

Childrens Day Care Manager- London UK

Pratima Patel is one of the most dedicated and gifted women's coaches to walk the planet. She is the full embodiment of the divine feminine in human form.
Her connection to the innate wisdom of the feminine essence is astonishing. I have witnessed her transform women from all over the world through her powerful presence, space holding, vast knowledge and intuitive inner wisdom.
My personal coaching sessions with her have affected me in deep and life changing ways. I have gained in confidence, appreciation for my body and femininity. I highly recommend her services and I am eternally grateful for her gentle influence in my life! She is a true Goddess of compassion and grace.


Rev Angela Mandato LMT, NCTMB

Utah, USA, Spiritual Teacher, Author,

Pratima made me feel safe and her calming presence assured me that I was ok.
It was a very personal experience whereby Pratima instantly knew what I needed. She was adept in her facilitating, listening and empathy skills. Everthing was tailored to what was just right for me and when a new discovery was made, I felt safe and in amazing hands. For anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and feel more happier in their lives, I highly recommend that you have a session with Pratima.

Sharmila Bansal

Learning and Development Business Partner, NHS Foundation Trust- London UK

How do I begin to tell how Pratima has touched my life and heart!

She is a true embodiment of the divine feminine. Her combination of esoteric and modern day techniques are unique and highly helpful in our tumultuous times. She is a excellent listener and you will naturally feel very comfortable to be in her presence. She has a very nurturing and motherly quality that she brings to her sessions and workshops. She is someone who has done this work first hand within her own life. Pratima is one of those woman with many gifts to share in this world and she is so supportive in every way. I always feel good, supported and held, after a session with Pratima. I feel like she really understands where I'm coming from. Give yourself a gift and embark on your deep inward journey with her to health, bliss love and peace!

Nalini Devi - Recording Artist

Pratima is a highly skilled and experienced energy expert. Her personable compassionate manner are exemplary together with her knowledge of the modalities that she practises.
A natural healer, her powers reach more than just individual challenges, her work will help release energy blocks in your business, body and career also.
Be ready to be surprised.


Director of Social Media- London UK

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